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OPD (Outdoor Patient Department)

At Saksham, we have 2 opd chambers including one counselling room. We deal with all types of psychiatric disorders like acute psychosis (violent, aggressive patient), depression and suicide, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, psychosexual problems, alcohol and other substance use disorders, child psychiatric disorders, dementia and personality disorders etc.

IPD (Indoor Patient Department)

We have various types of rooms for indoor management according to patient’s illness and affordability. Saksham is 15 beded, fully equipped psychiatry hospital.


General ward

We have 2 general wards, one for male and one for female (to ensure patient’s privacy) with each ward having 4 beds.

Semi-special rooms

We have 3 semi-special rooms, having 2 beds in each room. All 3 rooms have facilities of A.C., attached toilet-bathroom and adequate ventilation.

Deluxe room

We have 1 deluxe room having A.C., sofa, refrigerator, L.E.D TV, kitchen and attached toilet-bathroom.


Patient care

We offer a multidisciplinary care for our indoor patients with a team of 2 psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists, trained nursing staff working in close liaison with each other. Hospital has facility of 24 hr nursing staff, on-call psychiatrists and other health care support staff. Patients undergo a detailed assessment within first 24 hrs of their stay that includes their detail history, mental status examination, any other psychopathology if it presents and hence we judge the severity of illness and then decide the treatment plan according to it. Ongoing assessment undertaken daily to see the response to treatment offered to patient along with that we also do counselling and various psychotherapy with patient if needed for their illness. Intensive treatment is provided and recovery is promoted from the beginning of admission. We also do counselling of families of admitted patients separately and give them psycho education about disease. We offer ECT facility, laboratory tests, EEG at bed side and brain scan (CT, MRI) at nearest centres with close liaison with them. We also have inside pharmacy store for easy access to medicines prescribed. We have bed-side referral facility for managing any medical, surgical and neurological problems identified during indoor stay of our patients. On discharge, patients are given detailed discharge summary, with future treatment plan and regular follow-up visits.


Our hospital remains open for 24*7 throughout the year for dealing with any kind of psychiatric emergencies which includes actively suicidal patients, violent, aggressive and agitated patients, any form of behavioural disturbances due to any underlying psychiatric illness. We have 24*7 medical and other nursing staff to handle any kind of psychiatric patients. The hospital is registered for admissions under the provisions of legislations.

In case of emergency, please contact 079-26578055, 26575888.


Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) utilises brief pulse stimulation technique under anaesthesia to produce desired therapeutic effect. ECT often works effectively when other treatments have been unsuccessful or less effective specially in actively suicidal patients, violent, aggressive patients, any illness in their acute, severe phase. At saksham, we have latest ECT machine, highly experienced anaesthetist and 2 full time psychiatrists. We give ECT in indoor as well as outdoor patients in a controlled settings with emergency kit available always if needed.


Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a graph used to record an electrical activity of the brain. EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns. Small metal discs with thin wires (electrodes) are placed on the scalp and then send signals to a computer to record the results. EEG is used mainly for diagnosing various types of seizures. Apart from that it shows variations in wave patterns of brain in various anxiety disorders, PTSD, phobia, sleep disorders etc. We have 24 channel digital EEG machine with colour printer.


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